Important Information regarding EID salah

Please note there will be 3 eid namaaz this year and 3 jumahs.

  1. 8am First Eid
  2. 9am Second Eid
  3. 10am Third Eid

We are requesting the brothers who currently attend jumah at 1.30 to come eid namaaz at 8am. And 2.30 jumah to come to the 9am eid namaaz. ( as per the elaans made)

For anyone else please come at 10am.

Please can you text nafis on 07711120845 or adam on 07707747788 to confirm what the best time would be if you cannot make the above or if your time needs chaning.

We can only accommodate 130 people at one time with social distancing. Once we are at full capacity doors will be closed.

Please also note jumah times.

For brothers who attend eid namaaz at 8am jumah will be 1.30 for them.

For brothers who attend eid namaaz at 9am jumah will be 2.30 for them.

For brothers who attend eid namaaz at 10am jumah will be 3.30.

Volunteers will be around on the day to help

If you can’t make your allocated times for Eid or Jumah please let Nafis/Adam know ASAP

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Masjid Bilal comittee